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Neocollagenesis after injection of a polycaprolactone based dermal filler in a rabbit
P. J. Nicolau en J.M. Marijnissen-Hofsté.

High definition body countouring using laser assisted liposculture (LAL)
J. Jomah, F. Alsubhi
Intralipotherapy efficacy. A retrospective clinical study on 400 patients.
H. Pinto 


Pathophysiological new algorithm for gynoid lipodystrophy (Cellulite)
P. Motolese 

                                                                                             BOOK CHAPTER 


                                                                                        LETTER TO EDITOR 

Non surgical treatment of Bull-Frog neck in HIV positive subject.
R. Rauso 

                                                                                                 CASE REPORT 

How to care wound , ulcus , necrosis, quickly, simply and efficiently, for patients with diabitis deseases 
B. Bioulac