The European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology (EJAMeD) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which will be predominantly in arguments based on international studies in the field of medicine and cosmetic dermatology and anti aging medicine. The primary objective of EJAMeD is the integration of various branches of medical aesthetics through a single body that can increase knowledge and advances in research and clinical practice.
Through the publication of original papers and authoritative reviews covering the most important issues in medicine and cosmetic dermatology, the journal is aimed, primarily, aesthetic physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to provide an instrument for the dissemination of innovative research, of scientific articles, case reports and reviews.

Some of the topics to which the paper will refer to are:

Skin Aging, Photo-damage and Photo-protection, Rejuvenation, Biochemistry Endocrinology, Healthy Skin, Imaging, Quality of Life, Skin Types, Sensitive Skin, Rosacea and Acne, Adipose Tissue, Phlebology, Hair Restoration and Maintenance, Psychological Problems and Forensic, Regenerative Medicine, Adipose Tissue Stem Cells, Cosmetic Chemistry, Dermopharmacy, Cosmeceuticals, Cellulite, Lipodystrophy, Localized Fat, Dermatologic Surgery, Blepharoplasty, Medical Complications, Botulin toxin, Fillers, Peelings and Dermabrasion, Intralipotherapy, Mesotherapy, Local anaesthesia, Electro-surgery, Laser, Radiofrequences, IPLs, Platelet Growth Factors, Skin Biorevitalization and Biorestructuration, Stretch Marks.